Andrew Christian Swimwear

Men searching for fashionable swimwear will find a number of pieces designed by Andrew Christian. Those who want to keep their legs covered may choose the company's lifeguard training shorts. With the drawstring front, men can ensure that they will stay in place, whether they are playing football or Frisbee on the beach, or are jumping into a pool to have some fun. Andrew Christian also offers a selection of swimwear that conforms to the shape of the body, accentuating the definition of everything underneath the fabric.

Flattering Swimwear Designs from Andrew Christian

Guys who appreciate a little European flair may like the swimwear styles available from Andrew Christian, which include bikini swimsuits. These are available in a number of colors, including light blue with white striping and black with red striping. Men interested in showcasing their physiques may also consider the low-cut swimwear from Andrew Christian. This design style plunges lower than the bikini swimsuits that the company offers, giving men the opportunity to showcase definition in the abdominal region.

In addition to the selection of swimwear available from Andrew Christian, the company also offers a large selection of underwear.

Men can find countless fun and sexy briefs, as well as trunks and jockstraps. The design company also offers many stylish tops, including hoodies, Henley shirts, graphic tees and tank tops.

At Nuwear, customers can find an extensive array of clothing from Andrew Christian. In addition to swimwear from a number of designers, the online store offers athletic apparel, underwear and other accessories for men.

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