Our Mission

Our Mission is to create the most enjoyable online shopping experience possible for our customers.

Our Core Values

We Deliver Excellence - Nuwear goes above and beyond what is considered "normal" or "expected" in the industry and amazes its customers by supporting its product offering with an outstanding customer service team. Nuwear is not your average online company and shows compassion in its work with customers, teammates, vendors, and associates.

We Embrace Knowledge and Growth - Nuwear.com experiences constant change and growth, and is forever evolving and adapting to better suit its customers. The company embraces change to better the company and service for its customers. Knowledge is vital when it comes to change as well as growth and remains a key factor in customer satisfaction. Having a keen and comprehensive understanding, ranging from products to company values and policies, makes Nuwear.com of the leading provider of excellent customer service.

We Stay Focused - Nuwear’s focus is always on the customer and their satisfaction. The company goes above and beyond to provide insightful answers and support while making the customer feel comfortable as they shop at Nuwear.com and complete purchases they are happy with.

We Have Fun - Why so serious? Create fun and laughter. Happiness is infectious and when our team is happy, our customers are happy. Humor is essential to success and fun is a main ingredient when it comes to customer and teammate satisfaction. We don't want to become a big corporate company that lacks energy and excitement. By employing energetic, humorous and optimistic employees, we allow our company and the end customer to have great experiences.

We Love Our Team - We understand and care for our teammates. The Nuwear.com team is the back bone to its success. We understand what the effort of our team does for the company the customer. We remember that every effort that is put in counts and creates who we are today. Caring for the Nuwear.com family assures happiness in the workplace and for our customers. In the excitement when we deliver excellence that customers not only appreciate, but share with his/her friends about the great service offered at Nuwear.com.

We are Respectful and Humble - At Nuwear, we believe that no matter the situation, we should always be respectful and humble to everyone. Celebrating success is important to us but avoiding arrogance is necessary. We know that actions speak louder than words and respect is common courtesy. The respect we give to each other and our customer creates a positive environment and fuel for growth.

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