Matt Bomer, the epic hunk in the series "White Collar" got into a bit of "thong" trouble as the suit-and-tie actor had to dressed down for one of the sexiest movies in production, "Magic Mike", inspired by Channing Tatum's life story. Magic Mike is a film about a mentor stripper with his young stripper apprentice, navigating the perilous water of the fleshy business to survive.

On Bomer's experience on trying the thong for the first time, he shares ""I had never worn a thong before, so the first time I tried it, I put it on wrong and my junk didn't fit in it," Bomer told MTV. "I had to call a wardrobe person in and go, 'Something's wrong with my thong, you guys. I think we're gonna have to figure this out,' and they're like, 'Uh, yeah your legs are in the wrong holes.'"

The star eventually figured out the technique and all world will wait to see how he looks like in this Steven Soderbergh-directed film in 2012.

Tom Date 8/21/2012 2:52:22 PM
Hey, Matt, if you need help with that thong, give me a call. Always ready to lend a hand!
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