Itís easy to feel conscious or shy when youíre in your undies, but like in many things, a lot of your inhibitions about staying in your undies on bed or with your special someone is due to age-old notions.

Underwear these days is a fashion statement in and of itself. It has gone beyond the simple protection or necessary inner-wear, but a prominent member of your wardrobe. Wear it with pride and have fun while donning it, hereís some tips to show you how.

Flaunt It

Show it off! Reveal the tag. Without being too tacky or trying too hard, never hesitate to give a peek of whatís inside. It builds some excitement and confidence for the viewer :-) Thatís the reason why a lot of those straps have brand names, choose your favorite and be unique.

Stay Confident

Never feel shy with what youíre wearing. Be proud of it! Stay confident. Feel good about what you wear and enjoy the ride.
To achieve this feel, always ensure that youíre wearing an underwear you love - boxer, briefs, thongs, whatever. As long as you feel great in it, the better you can be confident in what youíre wearing.

Whatever you think or feel about yourself will come stay confident and let it be felt.

Wear It For The Right One...The Right Time

If you need to genuinely show-off everything youíve got, save it for the right person and at the right time. Itís best to put on a show when itís someone you feel you have a connection with. Before revealing what youíre wearing under your pants - always remember? Is this the right person and the right time for that? When you know you do, itíll be easy to look great in whatever undie youíre wearing.

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