Whoever coined the term “beauty knows now pain” never knew about freedom in fashion. Nowhere is freedom enjoyed with so much comfort as with the common G-string. It is such a simple invention, and no longer just for females. In fact, if the feeling of freedom is what you’re after, some might argue men’s G-strings offer a more free experience than women’s. It’s all about the goods you’re packing and how free they are to move about.

At Nuwear, we respect the male physique and our male clientele. Our buyers shop with you in mind. For this reason, we’re proud to offer you our distinctive collection of G-strings specifically for your enjoyment. Whether conservative or adventurous, we feel we’ve assembled a winning collection of male G-strings.

Nuwear Male G-String Styles and Designs

Our collection comprises a dozen different designers that feature a creative cross section of male G-strings to satisfy every type of customer. Whether you’re seeking a simple G-string for your personal enjoyment or something more colorful for you and that special someone, we have something for all tastes. For those interested in a more exciting experience, we have male G-strings that are more sensual and designed to take things to the next level.

Gigo, Gregg Homme, and Male Power offer a nice selection of classic male G-strings. Created using a variety of colors and textile blends, these designers have manufactured classic and pleasing G-strings in both solid and see-through designs.

Both Cocksox and Rage offer a male sock that is a customer favorite. This strapless garment is designed to be placed on your male parts with no assist from any addition source. It’s a single-source solution that is offered in a number of stylish and eye-catching designs.

Joe Snyder defines freedom through G-stings with no pouch. These wonderful garments are truly free and enable your manly goods to have full, unobstructed exposure and movement. Joe Snyder’s enhancement string loops around your package and can be worn as an undergarment or as swimwear (in select locations, of course).

For those interested in something more daring, Good Devil has designed a selection of G-stings with pouches that feature a combination of cutouts and mesh for two levels of exposure.

We offer over 60 different G-strings. Browse our collection, and consider matching your selections up with other garments on our site. Our collections are meant to be mixed and matched to create a custom-selected wardrobe that reflects you.
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