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At Nuwear, you are our main focus. Our primary goal is to offer you the widest and most inclusive selection of undergarments the industry has to offer. Our gallery of manufacturers offers some of the highest quality men's briefs on the market. Our large selection of brands specialize on their own unique style. Whether your interests are conservative or daring, you’re sure to find something that reflects you.

Men's Brief Styles
Our styles range from traditional to adventurous. Some men's briefs are traditional with a solid color, high waistline, and standard crotch line. For the fun at heart, there is a wide selection of briefs that offer an array or textures and colors. For you, perusing this stock will be fun. Each manufacturer has placed their stylistic thumbprint on these types of men's briefs. For those interested in a more daring, sensual design, we offer a number of sheer, see-through men's briefs and briefs that utilize cutouts that expose some of your most important assets.

Men's Brief Materials
When selecting a men's brief that works for you, the material selection is a good place to start. Some of the manufacturers feature highly elastic material with a metallic luster. A material such as Spandex (an anagram for “expands”) provides this elasticity. Lycra is the British name for the same material. Rayon and Nylon provide a highly reflective and lustrous finish that works well with Spandex and Lycra. If you’re interested in elastic material that stretches and others that shine, take a look at the manufacturers that incorporate Spandex, Lycra, Rayon, and Nylon into their briefs. Other materials are selected for comfort, durability, and colorfastness. Cotton is the most common fabric used for its superior comfort. Polyamide is frequently used for durability and strength. Polyester retains color and resists wrinkling.

Understanding the fabrics used will help you decide which brief works best for you. You can browse through our collection of briefs by brand name or fabric. The menu on the left lists various criteria that can be used to filter your search. You’ll see the material each manufacturer uses on the left, after selecting the manufacturer’s name. Searches can also be based on brand, color, price, and size.

We recognize that feeling good starts with being comfortable with what you’re wearing. Why not start on the inside and build out? What you select under your clothes is as important as what you wear on the outside. It is a reflection of you. At Nuwear, you are our main focus.
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