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Nuwear offers a variety of uniquely styled and visually appealing bikini wear. Whether you’re looking for something simple for your personal use or something daring to please that significant other, Nuwear has the product to suit the moment. We offer the following brands: 

Each manufacturer offers different styles to satisfy different interests. For the more conservative, we offer bikinis that provide full support without added exposure. For those who prefer something more stylish, we offer bikinis with eye-catching textured patterns. For those interested in a more sensual experience, a mesh bikini is the perfect choice that combines support with visual appeal. For those looking for a more daring style, cutout bikinis offer a variety of ways to display your manliness while still enjoying a comfortable fit.

All our bikinis are selected with quality in mind. Each manufacturer pays careful attention to the style and design of every bikini. Fabric is selected for its specific function and care is taken with each design to ensure delicate fabrics are selected and comfortable support is maintained. For this reason, a broad range of materials is used during the manufacturing process. You’ll find our bikini briefs are manufactured using one or more of the following fabrics: 

* Cotton -- Provides comfort and is highly absorbent.
* Nylon -- Provides visual luster and breathability.
* Polamide -- Offers excellent durability and strength.
* Polyester -- Retains color and resists wrinkling.
* Rayon -- Provides a high luster and sheen.
* Spandex -- Provides elasticity and comfort.

Browse through our extensive stock. Each brand is easily explored by clicking on the brand name or by filtering based on color, material, price, or size. We’re confident you’ll find something that suits your interest. At Nuwear, we offer a large selection because we want you to feel good about the clothes you wear.

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