Affiliate Program

The affiliate program offers third party partners ways to make money fast by driving sign-ups and
sales to These partners can do this by simply adding links, ads, and other types of visual references
to their websites that link to Our affiliates make large percentages of every order/newsletter signup
referred to our site using these links, banners, and ads. We provide our affiliates with everything they need to
make money fast using Nuwears custom affiliate program. We are pleased to offer our partners high commission
percentages, credits for newsletter sign-ups, 30 day referral periods and more.

About Our Affiliate Program
Nuwear would like to help you earn revenue by becoming a member of our Affiliate Program. By placing a link on your site, any of your traffic that makes a purchase on our site through this link will generate you a commission. You can earn money simply by placing a link or one of our many banner ads on your site!

What Makes Our Affiliate Program Amazing:

  • 10% commissions on all orders
  • Bonus commission for top performers
  • Earn rewards and prizes the more you sell
  • Receive exclusive deals and coupons
  • Up to date sales tracking and reporting

Why Choose's Affiliate Program?

  • Large and growing selection of menís underwear and swimwear thatís constantly being changed and updated.
  • We are always adding new and exclusive items that can only be found at Nuwear.
  • Huge commission percentage and newsletter signup credit so you can earn money fast and easy.
  • Great prize competitions and giveaways that occur throughout the year
  • We have higher conversion rates than most other Affiliate Programs
  • Award winning customer service keeps your visitors happy
  • No fluff. Our Affiliate program is super easy and doesn't require tool after tool to complicate things. Your 
    visitor clicks and buys, we ship and you get paid. Thatís it
  • Up to date sales tracking and reporting. We keep it simple so you do not need to invest hours to decipher a
  • Its free! So sign up today


Get started today!

Sign up for free! Once enrolled in our affiliate program you will be able to access all affiliate account information
using the My Accounts section of Once logged in you will have access to up to date sales tracking and
reports as well as a large selection of banner ads and advertising material for your use. Feel free to contact us with
any questions or concerns and we look forward to partnering with you!

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