2xist Underwear

2xist offers a large selection of men's underwear styles for guys who want to be comfortable and sexy. Among the distinctive underwear designs offered by 2xist are no-show briefs. This style sits low on the waist, ensuring that it is not visible above the waistline of pants. In addition, low-rise underwear is ideal for those who spend hours in the gym and want to show off their washboard abs. 2xist also offers sport briefs that are made with spandex and stretch more than traditional briefs without sacrificing support.

Men's Underwear Styles from 2xist

While some men prefer the look and feel of briefs, those who want more coverage can find it in the other styles of underwear available from 2xist. Stylish trunks and boxer briefs offer a compromise between the coverage you get from boxers and the level of support provided by briefs. Customers can also choose among a number of design lines from 2xist.

The Carbon series is made with a combination of polyester and bamboo to provide a soft and breathable fabric, while the Fusion line blends bold colors and breathable fabrics that offer a sharp contrast to 100-percent cotton underwear.

At Nuwear, men can find a number of brands that offer styles similar to 2xist. They may want to take a look at C-IN2, which was started by the founder of 2xist to explore sexier styles. In addition to traditional styles of men's underwear like boxer briefs and trunks, customers can also find edgier and more revealing underwear designs including bikinis, jockstraps and thongs.

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