2xist Thongs

Men who want to add a little spice to their wardrobes may consider purchasing thongs or one of the other provocative styles from 2xist. While men may be familiar with thongs that are designed for women, 2xist reinvented the thong for men. In addition to providing the support that men need during the day, thongs from 2xist can draw attention to how well endowed men are. Another benefit of the thongs offered by 2xist is that they do not interfere with the lines of the pants under which they are worn.

Whether men are dressed casually in jeans or formally in suits, wearing thongs ensures that the clothing sits just right on them.

Alternatives to Thongs from 2xist and Other Designers

Not all men will be comfortable in thongs or look their best in them. Some may be uncomfortable in them due to the lack of coverage. They may feel more confident in boxer briefs or trunks, which can offer visual enhancement without sacrificing any modesty. Others may find thongs uncomfortable, in which case they may prefer jock straps. These styles and many others are available from men's underwear designers like 2xist, C-IN2 and Pulse.

At Nuwear, customers will find a variety of underwear styles, from thongs and jock straps to bikinis, briefs and boxer shorts. In addition to carrying designs from more than 20 brands, the company also offers free shipping on large orders within the United States or expedited shipping when men need their orders in time for a special evening.

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