2xist Men's Underwear

In addition to familiar styles of men's underwear like boxer shorts and traditional briefs, 2xist offers a large selection of designer styles for men looking for something a bit edgier. Made from 100-percent Pima cotton, this underwear is very soft and can provide comfort throughout the day. Men can choose among styles including pouch briefs, boxer briefs and trunks that are not only comfortable, but can also visually enhance men's endowments.

Those who are looking for high-quality men's underwear may consider the Pima collection from 2xist.

Men's Underwear Collections from 2xist

In addition to the Pima collection, which is available in black or white cotton, men can find sexy 2xist underwear in the Track collection. Made with a blend of cotton and spandex, this men's underwear collection is intended to be both comfortable and functional. In the Track collection, men can find sport briefs, which are open throughout the leg. By revealing more of the leg, men's movements are less restricted during any activities. This design is not only sexy, but also ideal for sports. 2xist also offers a number of underwear collections that use other eco-friendly fibers like bamboo, modal and soy. These blends offer a smooth finish, and provide a breathable fabric that can last longer than cotton.

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