2xist Briefs

2xist briefs are a far cry from the "tighty whities" that men can find in local department stores. The designer offers an extensive selection of briefs, including no-show varieties. These men's briefs do not come up as high as traditional men's underwear, offering a sexier appearance. 2xist offers this style in a number of collections, including the Fusion line, Track line and Bold line. In addition to the no-show briefs available from 2xist, men may also want to pick up some of the popular sports briefs. This style is cut sharply, revealing as much of the leg as possible to still be classified as a brief. 2xist also offers pouch briefs, which can accentuate the size of what they contain.

Other Styles of Briefs Available from 2xist and Other Designers

Low-rise briefs have grown in popularity in recent years and are now available from companies including 2xist and C-IN2. Those who want to show off even more may choose mesh briefs, such as those available from California Muscle. In addition to the Periscope mesh brief that is cut like a low-rise brief, the designer also offers a backdoor mesh brief that is perfect for times when men want to tease their partners.

A number of other provocative styles, including briefs and trunks, are available from designers including 2xist, Steven, Rufskin and Pulse.

When men are searching for a variety of designer underwear, they will find an ample selection at Nuwear. In addition to the large inventory of briefs, men can find bikinis and G-strings that leave even less to the imagination.

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