2xist Boxers

2xist provides men with a large selection of underwear, including boxers, trunks and briefs in many styles. Boxers continue to be a popular choice for men who don't enjoy the tight and binding feeling that often accompanies traditional briefs. One of the limitations that some find in boxers, though, is that they offer a large amount of coverage. So what's a guy to do if he wants the freedom that comes with boxers and the opportunity to showcase his body?

Low-Rise Boxers from 2xist

The low-rise boxers from 2xist are one sexy option for men in that situation. These pieces of men's underwear from 2xist sit lower on the waist than traditional boxer shorts do, letting men show off torso definition.

2xist offers low-rise boxers in a number of designs, including candy stripe and icicle patterns.

Mesh boxers are another option for those who want to call attention to their bodies when they are getting undressed. This style hugs the body, revealing all of its definition. The waistband sits just above the crotch, revealing more of the body than the low-rise boxers from 2xist. Another choice is the runner boxer from C-IN2, which has a retro look reminiscent of gym shorts from previous decades and reveals more leg than other styles of boxer shorts do.

Customers can find a large selection of boxers, as well as briefs, thongs and jockstraps from Nuwear. In addition to the variety of men's underwear available in the online store, customers can also find clothing for participating in sports and lounging around.

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